About Us

justbmusic is a company that provides library and custom music for our clients. We deliver independent, authentic and eclectic material with the passion, soul and experience of talented and inspiring musicians and artists. The content of our site is updated regularly with new material so please explore and contact us if we can be of any service!

Brian Beckwith


From country music on 8-tracks to big bands and jazz on vinyl, family life provided a wide spectrum of musical flavors to excite young ears that would become the foundation and fabric for a true love of all music and sound. Growing up as an alto sax player in concert and jazz bands formed and understanding and appreciation for how music is created. As a teenager, picking up the guitar and exploring recording and mixing expanded the excitement of music into writing and arranging. With New York City’s ever evolving canvas of creative and talented artists along with a strong love for and belief in creative collaboration Brian founded the justb Creative Collective and justbmusic.

Chris Shannon

Marketing/Video/Lead Developer

Though he watches over this website, produces video content and assists with the marketing efforts of justbmusic, Chris is no stranger to music himself. As a young musician and vocalist, from orchestra and chamber music to jazz, dixieland and then hard rock and metal, music has shaped his life immeasurably. While you're more likely to see Chris writing code or with his face in a video monitor, being part of the Creative Collective offers him a chance to compose, sing and play guitar, when the moment arises. As the music business evolves from physical media to streams and spins, Chris helps justbmusic push into the future, smiling all the way.